Our Goal: “Clean Air Everywhere”

I’m glad that I was able to lead you to a fine product.

I have purchased 5 JADE units for OCB Boston and another 5 for Waltham. In addition, we have them in our homes. My staff and patients all appreciate the extra layer of protection. We still mask, clean equipment and hands scrupulously and limit number of patients in a space and duration of conversations. Best wishes and congratulations!

Peter A. Rapoza, MD

I’m happy to be used as a reference.

I learned about the Jade via another family with kids at Meadowbrook. Astrid knows the mom and they were talking about the lower quality air in the city. The wife is married to a pro hockey player and she said the Jades were put in the Bruins locker rooms which reduced sickness rates and smell. They also put them into their Boston home. Our daughter has asthma and contractors routinely double park and idle in the neighborhood. We put Jades on each of the five floors of our townhouse just before the pandemic. None of us has even had a cold since and the air quality is phenomenal. Used to come home from sailing weekends with great air, get to Boston and really notice the difference in our home air quality. Now its as fine as being in VT. I wish you all good fortune with your venture. Right product for a challenging time.

Peter A. Rapoza, MD – Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston

KUMON SCHOOL – great investment for our classroom!

Air quality tends to suffer when we are teaching a full classroom. In addition, we have to contend with odours and poor air from the neighbours in our building. This has lead to comments and complaints from the parents of our students. We also wanted to provide a clean and germ-free space for our students so they are learning in an optimal environment. Since installing our Cascade White air purifier from Surgically Clean Air, the air smells fresher with no odours present, parents are now making positive comments on the air quality, and we have noticed a decrease in employee sickness. Surgically Clean Air has been a great investment for our classroom!

Linta Lai-Tong, Lead Instructor & Owner, Kumon After School Math & Reading Centre


Many doctors, assistants and professors came to find me to comment how impressive the air quality was in the gross lab. Mike Doyle had said that it is not uncommon for someone to pass-out or have to leave the lab due to the impact of the smell — we had no such happenings with the SCA system in place!

Mike Doyle Director of the Gross Anatomy Lab – TUFTS UNIVERSITY

Fabulous product and service!

I bought my surgically clean air purifier over 8 years ago and its still going strong. Every two months it needs to be leaned and by the sheer dirt that comes out i know it is working perfectly. Its quiet and I treat it like a piece of furniture now, its a must in a home with three kids and a dog. I will probably buy another one in the near future as they are much smaller and compact but as it stands it is still working and I love it. I wish more businesses, hospitals, schools and general buildings had them. Currie Ross was my salesperson and she has always been there to help when a wheel went missing on the machine or i needed a filter in a pinch. Thanks again.

Lisa Parsons

The teachers love these machines!

We are extremely happy with the investment we’ve made in Surgically Clean Air. Since receiving our air purifiers we have not had any absent teachers or children due to illness. The teachers love these machines!

Christine Wang @ Century Private School, Richmond Hill, Ontario