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Return to School Criteria and Covid Concerns”?

Now that we have a New Administration in control, the Science of Ventilation is getting the acknowledgment we have known it deserves from the CDC and Dr. Fauci, including this recent article in the New York Times.

With municipalities wanting to return to in classroom education, we must take the cross transmission from teacher to teacher and Student to Teacher and/or Parents seriously!

The solution is controlling the only factor we can control, not knowing the long term effectiveness of the vaccines and the daily mutating variants of the Virus, including advocating for all teachers in any age bracket be vaccinated as an additional precaution.

The ambient classroom/workplace air in many of these school buildings does not effectively exchange the room air hourly at an acceptable interval of a minimum of 6 times or ACH’s per hour, nor do they filtrate the micro aerosolized particulates that can transport the virus with adequate HEPA Filtration, exposing those students and teachers in that classroom to possible cross contamination for 8 plus hours a day!

Scientists Call on C.D.C. to Set Air Standards for Workplaces, Now

In addition to protecting the Teacher to Teacher and their families, so everyone, including parents, feel safer for their children returning to the classroom, we need the solution that is available.

As has been proven, Grammar School students can harbor the Covid-19 Virus in their Nasal Mucosal system equal to the severity of a confirmed Covid hospitalized ICI patient, without exhibiting any symptoms, as evidenced below by Harvard mucosal immunologist researcher, Dr. Alesio Fasano, here in an interview from August on WGBH Greater Boston Television:

Greater Boston Full Show: 08/20/2020

Please visit our website for the explanation of the JADE Medical Grade Room Air Purifier, that can capture and contain the Micro Aerosolized Particulates down to .0025 microns, Including the SARS Virus, that ranges from .06 to approximately .14 microns.

The JADE is the only the portable Medical Grade 6 Stage JADE Air Purifier not sold in Big Box stores or on, as these are all home air purifiers.

The JADE with it’s Highest rated 17 MERV rated HEPA Filter, is the affordable solution without retro fitting the entire HVAC system of the Building.


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Thanks, Steve B.

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