About Us

Our Goal: “Clean Air Everywhere”

Mission Statement

Sensible Medical is a leader in providing medical grade air purification systems to medical offices, clinics and those institutions wanting the very best medical grade portable air purifiers that meet and exceed CDC and EPA guidelines for Air Exchanges per Hour, to protect the staff and patients from the cross transmission of SARS class viruses, bacteria, VOC’s and other pollutants.

Sensible Medical offers surgically clean air solutions for office settings, clinics and the operating room.

Breathe better, work better, stay protected and remain open with clean air solutions from Sensible Medical.

About Us

  • Sensible Medical is a specialty medical distributor based in Hanover, Massachusetts led by a team of professionals with over 120 years experience in the surgical and medical industry.
  • Toul Meditech is an innovative Swedish company that designs and manufactures products within the field of infection control that provide ultra clean air at the point of patient care. Toul Meditech’s mission is to prevent post-operative and surgical site infections by offering effective and flexible solutions for all kinds of surgery and hospital care. All products are manufactured in Sweden.